Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
American Academy in Rome, School of Classical Studies, Summer Session, July 7-August 16, 1924
Classical Philology. (Apr., 1924) pp. 183-184
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[20 words] latin, classics, teachers, program, teaching, courses, schools, programs, classicists, high_school, humanities, education, teacher, student, colleges, curriculum, national, conference, materials, summer, information, educational, camws, classroom, departments, computer, foreign_language, scholarship, faculty, teach
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[9 words] building, city, early, excavated, period, buildings, finds, walls, pottery, complex, town, hellenistic, revealed, structures, located, architectural, byzantine, periods, built, construction, occupation, sanctuary, structure, houses, plan, uncovered, around, tombs, along, wadi
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[9 words] collection, information, athens, done, knowledge, received, collections, objects, carried, completed, valuable, investigation, progress, devoted, country, task, service, hope, greece, visit, sent, every, volume, gave, soon, museums, value, german, full, future
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