Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
Conservation of Scholarly Journals
Classical Philology. (Apr., 1942) pp. 196
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[58 words] collection, information, athens, done, knowledge, received, collections, objects, carried, completed, valuable, investigation, progress, devoted, country, task, service, hope, greece, visit, sent, every, volume, gave, soon, museums, value, german, full, future
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[21 words] army, city, military, took, troops, himself, control, power, events, position, situation, policy, force, sent, return, revolt, attack, victory, peace, forces, defeat, action, soon, attempt, success, battle, enemy, became, command, remained
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[6 words] mass, conn, charles, new_haven, henry, baltimore, washington, mich, edward, yale_university, boston, columbia_university, new_york_city, university_of_california_berkeley, hall, frank, arthur, i900, high_school, st_louis, ann_arbor, mary, street, herbert, smith, cleveland, tenn, brooklyn, dean, providence
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