Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
"Is Being Built"
H. E. Shepherd
American Journal of Philology. (1883) pp. 77-78
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[6 words] collection, information, athens, done, knowledge, received, collections, objects, carried, completed, valuable, investigation, progress, devoted, country, task, service, hope, greece, visit, sent, every, volume, gave, soon, museums, value, german, full, future
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[5 words] english, shakespeare, wycl, milton, chaucer, tynd, cran, rest, davidson, noyes, byron, dryden, rendering, alford, dean, darby, england, troilus, gloss, jonson, hamlet, halliwell, thou, lord, wright, vocab, tischendorf, tregelles, spenser, campbell
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[5 words] story, king, himself, told, tale, night, city, sent, house, killed, away, having, whom, father, took, home, stories, wife, his_father, version, woman, child, return, dream, his_wife, dead, gave, children, mother, hands
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