Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
Correction: ΣΚΗΝΑΩ, ΣΚΗΝΕΩ, ΣΚΗΝΟΩ. A Contribution to Lexicography
M. H. Morgan
American Journal of Philology. (1892) pp. 382
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[7 words] written, page, text, lines, scribe, codex, manuscript, letters, line, writing, beginning, margin, leaves, papyrus, script, uncial, pages, capitals, manuscripts, words, column, copied, leaf, insular, recto, verses, folia, verso, roll, books
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[5 words] collection, information, athens, done, knowledge, received, collections, objects, carried, completed, valuable, investigation, progress, devoted, country, task, service, hope, greece, visit, sent, every, volume, gave, soon, museums, value, german, full, future
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