Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
R. C. Seaton
American Journal of Philology. (1902) pp. 114
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[56 words] himself, true, truth, matter, criticism, merely, facts, really, real, passage, attempt, false, claim, accept, words, knowledge, belief, enough, regard, prove, makes, error, simply, wrong, statements, critics, surely, actually, serious, take
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[38 words] text, reading, readings, manuscripts, manuscript, edition, error, errors, tradition, scribe, correct, editors, archetype, variants, omitted, emendation, corrected, correction, variant, passages, written, corrections, omission, source, apparatus, corruption, texts, editions, conjecture, copied
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[5 words] true, passage, words, merely, matter, position, suppose, regard, name, enough, natural, mention, difficulty, period, prove, having, regarded, himself, except, facts, really, naturally, supposed, definite, makes, assumed, alone, correct, actually, referred
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