Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
Apuleius, Met. 1, 9. 12
W. A. Oldfather
American Journal of Philology. (1933) pp. 367
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[19 words] reading, sense, housman, text, line, word, editors, conjecture, emendation, bentley, corruption, passage, heinsius, correction, postgate, edition, baehrens, bailey, verse, manuscripts, shackleton, corrupt, palmer, wrote, meaning, conjectures, propertius, madvig, vollmer, latin
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[9 words] apuleius, lucius, novel, metamorphoses, romance, story, chariton, heliodorus, psyche, longus, novels, isis, achilles_tatius, tale, narrative, aristomenes, romances, callirhoe, calasiris, charite, reader, helm, perry, theagenes, xenophon, fiction, chloe, curiosity, narrator, daphnis
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[7 words] text, reading, readings, manuscripts, manuscript, edition, error, errors, tradition, scribe, correct, editors, archetype, variants, omitted, emendation, corrected, correction, variant, passages, written, corrections, omission, source, apparatus, corruption, texts, editions, conjecture, copied
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