Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
Burying Latin Cenotaphiolum
Bernard Frischer
American Journal of Philology. (Winter, 1982) pp. 444-445
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[22 words] gloss, glosses, glossary, festus, word, glossaries, item, latin, items, goetz, philox, paulus, abstrusa, paul, abolita, hild, prod, virgil, lemma, placidus, isidore, plac, loewe, abol, philoxenus, dicitur, isid, abstr, gildas, genus
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[14 words] france, bibliotheque, collection, lettres, ecole, siecle, gaule, jean, manuscrits, societe, nationale, acad, henri, grece, tome, grecs, insc, recueil, antiques, bagaudes, cernunnos, bordeaux, monnaies, travaux, saint, pierre, paul, ville, picard, lantier
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[7 words] passage, sense, text, meaning, sentence, words, word, reading, phrase, line, mean, translation, clause, context, lines, follows, editors, refer, difficulty, verb, makes, emendation, take, refers, preceding, expression, passages, correct, understood, translates
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