Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
Walter Leaf: Born 1852 and Died March 8, 1927
John A. Scott
Classical Journal. (Apr., 1927) pp. 539
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[30 words] himself, young, ever, whom, every, your, days, things, mind, wrote, spirit, enough, something, true, famous, friend, words, youth, country, poet, knew, high, become, love, take, poor, name, story, master, living
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[20 words] latin, proceedings, review, volume, boston, weekly, american_philological_association, frank, charles, title, classical_philology, henry, translation, books, oldfather, edition, english, publications, philological, moore, gildersleeve, horace, edward, cloth, smith, entitled, fowler, scott, session, cicero
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[9 words] money, property, paid, payment, amount, price, talents, land, sale, value, financial, cost, received, wealth, gold, private, treasury, public, taxes, drachmas, sold, denarii, payments, income, sesterces, silver, debt, funds, contract, loan
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