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Some Textual Reassessments in the Teubner Menander: A Postscript
W. Geoffrey Arnott
Classical Quarterly. (May, 1969) pp. 205
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[24 words] plautus, play, menander, terence, scene, plays, comedy, slave, characters, audience, stage, plautine, scenes, action, prologue, comic, plot, house, monologue, new_comedy, girl, dramatic, phormio, chremes, thais, pseudolus, dialogue, lines, micio, soldier
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[12 words] context, simply, position, hypothesis, argued, text, makes, claim, explain, suggestion, correct, grounds, reasons, alternative, actually, argue, moreover, attempt, surely, obvious, accept, argues, unlikely, enough, issue, sense, passage, presumably, difficulties, plausible
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[8 words] passage, kata, tovs, rpos, kara, trov, rovs, kalt, avrov, rapa, katl, tovto, repl, tols, words, aaaa, evov, passages, kacl, follows, evos, otov, rots, avtov, kcal, rept, elval, tovtov, rtov, a7ro
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