Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
The International Language
C. E. Carrington
Greece & Rome. (Mar., 1959) pp. 45
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[65 words] himself, young, ever, whom, every, your, days, things, mind, wrote, spirit, enough, something, true, famous, friend, words, youth, country, poet, knew, high, become, love, take, poor, name, story, master, living
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[39 words] latin, english, language, teacher, student, reading, teachers, teaching, pupils, words, vocabulary, knowledge, pupil, translation, method, classics, grammar, schools, training, learning, taught, education, teach, learn, value, instruction, every, high_school, languages, ability
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[7 words] forms, latin, root, stem, suffix, words, brugmann, word, ending, indo-european, stems, sanskrit, analogy, meaning, verb, beside, vowel, roots, verbs, formation, languages, language, italic, compounds, phonetic, sing, suffixes, perfect, originally, nouns
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