Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
decree, athenian, athens, tribute, lines, inscription, meritt, decrees, lists, athena, line, treasurers, period, assessment, stele, text, talents, meiggs, athenians, quota, wade-gery, cities, kallias, lewis, attic, hesperia, board, accounts, documents, demetrios, document, parthenon, paid, ferguson, stone, inventories, fifth_century, records, gods, mcgregor, payments, passed, payment, mattingly, archon, epigraphical, name, demos, inscribed, tithe


ΔΙΚΑΙ ΑΠΟ ΣϒΜΒΟΛΩΝ and ΔΙΚΑΙ ΣϒΜΒΟΛΑΙΑΙ. W. W. Goodwin. American Journal of Philology. (1880), pp. 4-16 List themes Full text (6 theme words)