Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
towns, taxation, town, andreia, assessment, commodity, palace, e-sa-re-wi-ja, heyne, mazon, ti-mi-to-a-ke-e, e-ra-te-re-we, subgroup, a-te-re-wi-ja, choros, karika, ra-wa-ra-ta2, assessed, ro-u-so, giseke, murray, pe-to-no, sa-ma-ra, a-ke-re-wa, tax-contributor, taxed, me-ta-pa, tax-contributors, andreios, ka-ra-do-ro, tablets, za-ma-e-wi-ja, assessments, reduction, commodities, kdrikd, linga, purusa, delebecque, subgroups, upanisad, contributor, liters, hesis, hither, keleusma, jn829, ri-jo, equals, pa-ki-ja-pi


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