Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
heracles, herakles, lion, hero, theseus, perseus, serpent, bull, deianeira, snake, centaur, hercules, boar, gorgon, medusa, snakes, centaurs, monster, deianira, shield, andromeda, giant, hydra, myth, amphitryon, hyllus, club, eurystheus, lions, geryon, story, athena, bellerophon, triton, dragon, giants, gorgons, nessus, lichas, nereus, labors, battle, zeus, monsters, iolaus, serpents, chimaera, chiron, antaios, iole


The Dying Alexander of the Uffizi Gallery and the Gigantomachia of Pergamum. Alfred Emerson. American Journal of Philology. (1883), pp. 204-207 List themes Full text (38 theme words)