Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
days, month, calendar, months, winter, festival, period, prytany, summer, august, september, chronology, spring, beginning, early, february, began, autumn, meritt, cycle, calendars, november, intercalary, reckoning, pritchett, festivals, ordinary, athenian, count, prytanies, lunar, archon, occurred, equation, fall, interval, pryt, dies, intercalation, skirophorion, civil, eclipse, hekatombaion, took, fell, boedromion, solstice, elaphebolion, seasons, tenth


On the Locality to Which the Treatise of Palladius De Agricultura Must Be Assigned. J. Rendel Harris. American Journal of Philology. (1882), pp. 411-421 List themes Full text (44 theme words)