Thematic Index of Classics in JStor
smith, irish, shelley, eliot, classics, peng, ireland, douglas, woolf, prin, roman_britain, commentary, ares, adams, greece, hack, early_christianity, sing, bril, celtic, mary, harv, guide, pope, benj, anag, focus, alden, tham, nort, pollock, ascsa, kipling, niall, suny, orfeo, diary, in_english, peacock, cuchulain, teaching, plur, barnard, mich, virginia, welsh, gaelic, hare, biblical, panthea


Appendix: Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Session, Cleveland, 1881. Transactions of the American Philological Association (1870). (1881), pp. 1-45 List themes Full text (26 theme words)